In direct translation – just say Hari.

In the follow up impression, just shout it and then stay calm for 15 minutes. It has been hard with the 15 minute silence, but I am finally there, going through hard duty of staying positive despite of everydays life (exploring also the aspects of being negatively positive :)).

I am married, my son has mercury poisoning (some call it autism) or in other words suffer from the surrounding earth poisoning and a bit complicated interpersonal relations (I believe this may be why communication is so trendy nowadays). Both with my wife, we are going through lyme disorder with a good laugh and fun, because it is fun. Actually it is a curse and gift just to paraphrase the TV character Mr Monk, which I believe, I kinda like (just for f**k sake it is a TV character 🙂 ).

I have my close friends in India, what is kind of passe today, as India is no longer that popular as China (India is too expensive now), but I feel their culture is close to my heart.

I bow to Krishna each morning, light some incence sticks and I listen to my Guru Sri Swami Vishwananda (what is also not popular nowadays, I mean hey? Why should I listed to anyone? – kind of thinking :))

I also like other people and I have mainly created this blog to share myself with other in the age of PRIVACY and SECURITY. I rather share it than save it (of course there is much I save, just not in terms of money of course, as I have my loans as all of us do and I also have credit card, I love my credit card, but my debit on the card hates me 🙂 ).

Technically speaking I have Masters in Information Technology and work as a Programmer up to Project Leader/Coordinator in a small, family business from Denmark, which moved to Poland (The business name is Web Solutions and we provide top-notch domain registration services :)).

And I like writing and bragging and playing with words. Other than that I am also interested in EMF (that stands for ElectroMagnetic Fields) and their impact on our health. Here I am helping one of my friends to run a blog about that (unfortunatelly for you it is in polish).

So here I AM.

Enjoy 🙂


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