‘L’Arc de Stettino’ – a new icon of Szczecin?

An Italian architect resident in Szczecin, Rudi Fontana, has proposed bui … http://p.ost.im/R4v95e


Szczecin city council approves Lech Kaczyński Square in Szczecin without discussion

16.12.2013 Szczecin City Council have resolved to name the square outside … http://p.ost.im/RxAvRC

Wisła Kraków – Pogoń Szczecin 2:1 Wisła remain unbeaten at home

16.12.2013 In the last game before the winter break, Pogoń lose away in … http://p.ost.im/R4jeMW

Szczecin policeman loses his gun

Since Friday, December 13, Szczecin police and the prosecutor’s office … http://p.ost.im/RqAvQB

December ’70 in Szczecin – the Stalingrad of communism in Central Europe

December 17th is the anniversary of one of the most significant events in … http://p.ost.im/RqfnwP

Szczecin Christmas Lights 2013 (images)

Szczecin is known for its displays of Christmas lights. 2013, is no excep … http://p.ost.im/R4Uhpr

December 12th and 13th 32nd anniversary of the imposition of martial law in Poland

On the night of December 12, 1981, the then communist government of Polan … http://p.ost.im/RVCxmx

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